LOS ANGELES-Paris Hilton hasn't decided who she will invite to her wedding. The 37-year-old businesswoman and DJ is set to tie the knot to 'Leftovers' star Chris Zylka, and has said that she has such a large group of friends that she is struggling to come up with a guest list, and is considering having multiple receptions with the different groups of people she knows.

She told People magazine: ''I have so many friends and it's so hard to pick. I have all my mom's friends, all my family, all my cousins and all of that and then I have my other group of friends who are like my fun friends who I'm at Coachella with and EDC and Burning Man. It's going to be a very weird mixture to have everyone, so I don't know. Maybe I do like the family wedding and then the fun, friend wedding - the after, after party wedding.''

No matter who makes the cut on the big day, Paris previously admitted she would be inviting her best friend Nicole Richie, as well as close pal and singer Britney Spears.

When asked if Nicole will be getting an invite, Paris said recently: ''All my girls will be invited. Right now, we're just picking out the dress and the location. There's so much to plan so I just can't wait. It's a really exciting time for everyone.''

It comes after it was revealed Paris and Chris, 32, are sparing no expense when it comes to their nuptials, as the DJ previously admitted she'd love to don an extravagant dress which will be inspired by Disney's beloved animated characters, who include Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid', Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' and Rapunzel from 'Tangled'.

She said: ''It's a lot of planning to do. Right now, we are just trying to figure out a date and a location and my dress. I definitely want it to be very magical. I love Disney princess vibes.''

The pair plan to tie the knot later this year, but Paris has noted that picking a date for the bash has proved difficult as she has a large family to consider.

She said: ''First we have the engagement party, the bridal party, and then the wedding. We're still picking a date that's perfect for everyone in the family. My brother is getting married in June so we're gonna separate a few more months after that.''