My compliments to SC of Pakistan for standing up to protect public interest by taking action against encroachment of an amenity park located near residence of former Finance Minister Dar, declared as an absconder for purposes of widening road. It is an internationally accepted legality that land declared as public amenity park by competent authority; its status cannot be altered by elected or paid public office holder. Unfortunately paid civil bureaucracy of Pakistan in cahoots with powerful Land Mafia and few state institutions, involved in this illegal trade, has so often allowed this illegality to occur that it has assumed status of regularity on basis of Doctrine of Necessity. If only the judiciary holding office in 2000 - 2017, had stood up to protect sanctity of Amenity Parks as irrevocable public property, the environmental damage and denial of open space to poor and middle class families living in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan could have been avoided. 

Just on basis of phone call, DG LDA had audacity to do what was illegal because there are so many precedents. He should be sacked and put in prison. Although illegal encroachments of amenity parks, is a rarity in Lahore, it has become epidemic in Karachi. This escalated after 2002 in Karachi when Altaf Hussain affiliated MQM became a terror, courtesy patronage by Musharraf. In 2005-2006 Kidney Hill Park, stretched over 62 acres of land near Karsaz Karachi, became subject of dispute with Overseas Co-Operative Housing Society headed amongst others by controversial lawyer and his son(PIA employee), who lived on Shaheed e Millat, claiming to be owners, challenged park project. As usual, an out of court settlement, surrendered 20 acres to Land Mafia. The SCP must reopen all such illegalities for action by NAB. 


Lahore, March 24.