SIALKOT-A delegation of Sikh Yatrees from the US visited Gurdawara Babey Di Beri In Sialkot city and lauded the Pakistani government's policies for the minority communities especially the Sikhs in the county.

Sardar Jaskaran Singh, caretaker of Gurdawara Babey Di Beri, told newsmen that the Sikh Yatrees performed their religious rites and refreshed their per-partition memories. They also distributed sweets. They exchanged gifts with the local people in Sialkot.

The pilgrims led by Navneet Kaur highly hailed the Pakistan government's sincere efforts for ensuring the religious freedom and safeguarding their sacred places and Gurdawaras of the Sikh community.

They also thanked Pakistan for rendering splendid hospitality to the visiting Sikh pilgrims. Their leaders Sardar Sohan Singh, Sardar Manmohan Singh, Sardar Gurupareet Singh, Sardar Badal Singh, Preet Kaur, Naseeb Kaur and Sukh Pareet Kaur, said that Pakistan was a peaceful country and the people were also very peace-loving.

They said that the Pakistanis have given marvellous love, affection, care and unforgettable hospitality to them. They said that they felt homelike while visiting Pakistan in a fully secured and love-filled atmosphere.

"We have brought love here and will go back with unforgettable love given by the people of Pakistan," they said. They also wished durable peace and developed people-to-people relations between Pakistan and India. They stressed a need for early start of meaningful peace talks between both the nuclear neighbours.

They added that the people of Pakistan and India wanted durable peace. Sardar Jaskaran Sing said that Sikh Yatrees also visited Gurudawara Kartarpr-Shakargarh and performed their religious rites.


The construction work of channelisation of floodwater in Nullahs Aik and Dek was briskly underway to save the Sialkot and Pasrur villages from the flood disasters.

A drain has been established near Pathaanwali-Sialkot to divert 5,000 cusecs flood water in Nullah Aik, which would be helpful to save Sialkot city from urban flooding to be caused by the Nullah Aik in the coming rainy and flood season, the district administration said.

It added that the work was also under progress to increase the water capacity in Nullah Aik, Nullah Bhed and Nullah Palkhu, which pass through almost all the congested residential, commercial and industrial areas of Sialkot city.

The water capacity is being increased by removing all the encroachments in and along these Naullahs besides ensuring the early removal of desilting and widening them. He said that a "flood protection wall" was also being built along the Naullah Aik in Sialkot to save Sialkot city from flood here, it said.

The floodwater flow was also being channelized near Pasrur to save the Pasrur villages from flood disasters. The deputy commissioner said that senior officials of the Irrigation Department had been directed to ensure timely completion of these projects.