The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has declared Pakistan as the largest country for giving shelter to refugees in the world and most of the refugees were belonging to Afghanistan.

Pakistan was hosting the largest number of refugees in the country and as many as 1.45 million were hailed from Afghanistan, as per reported by UNHCR.

Pakistan unconditionally hosted millions of refugees and provided best possible facilities to these affected people of different countries especially Afghan citizens when the war was on peak in it and still 1.45 million were living in Pakistan, the report further added. 

Pakistan continued hosted Afghan refugees for more than three decades, the report said.

Similarly, the voluntary repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to their own country was also the largest in the world, the report stated.

Since March 2002, UNHCR has facilitated the return of approximately 4.1 million registered Afghans from Pakistan, it added.