Islamabad - The students of Westminster School made the annual talent show an impressive one for all those present in the packed-to-capacity PNCA auditorium.

The event titled “Westminster’s Got Talent” is an annual event where the school showcases young stars. This year was no exception as the aspiring stars aged 5 to 14 years had their moments of glory on stage.

The show opened with a captivating performance on Guitar and Drums by Hassan and Sinaan(Youngest players at The Drummers of Pakistan). Playing their own composition, the wonderful duo gave a superb performance.

The entertainment ranged from vocal and guitar solos, piano and harmonium recitals, cultural dances, mime, skits and a puppet show. The audience was spellbound and as children brought to life the epic traditional love stories of Alice in wonderland and Colours of Pakistan. 

A powerful and beautifully executed mime performance depicting the nuisance created by exaggerated use of mobile phones was an instant hit.  Other student acts included musical performance of a depiction of whirling dervishes and classic fairy tales set in the modern day.

 The entire event was well rehearsed and timed with never a dull moment. Students participated in every aspect of putting up this successful show from script writing to direction, hall management to stage setup, costumes, props to sound and light.

 Tariq Rasheed, a parent, was all praise for the school management for holding an excellent event.

Another proud parent commented, “I was thrilled and ecstatic to see my shy little girl acting and dancing in one of the classic folk tales with such confidence, in front of so many people. Westminster deserves appreciation for bringing out this hidden side of my child’s personality.”

 “Being onstage in front of a live audience of hundreds with such confidence and precision is no small feat for anyone let alone a child as young as six years old. This show is an excellent opportunity for my students to showcase their talents and continue learning outside the classroom. I congratulate the students, teachers and parents for this remarkable team effort.” said Mr. Raheel Sajjad Khan, the Director of the school.