ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority’s board is going to discuss a recent decision of the federal cabinet regarding change of land use for mauve area in sectors G-13 and G-14 from office buildings to mix use mainly to pave way for Prime Minister’s flagship Naya Pakistan Housing Programme.  

The mauve area is a long strip running alongside the northbound of Kashmir Highway and it is meant for the construction of office buildings of attached departments, autonomous and semi autonomous bodies in the master plan of Islamabad.

Furthermore, the sectors G-13 and G-14 are in control of the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) and it wants to utilise the mauve area of its sectors to construct multipurpose high-rise residential, commercial and offices buildings under the umbrella of the Prime Minister’s flagship programme but the master plan did not allow the desired land use.     

The housing foundation had been continuously trying to use its mauve area for commercial purposes but the idea was strongly disagreed by CDA whenever it was discussed.

CDA management was off the view in official correspondence with the housing foundation that there is a very limited space left behind in mauve area to be allotted to government departments but the demand of government offices is increasing day by day.      

To end this impediment, the FGEHF moved a summary through ministry of housing and works in the guise of Prime Minister’s programme to get a go ahead by the federal cabinet for the aforementioned land use and managed to get approval from the cabinet in its meeting held on April 9 without taking the CDA into the loop.    

Though, in routine such directions arrive from top level to amend any of the provisions of Master Plan but the formal summaries in this regard were always initiated in past by CDA after due deliberation in its board and then the federal cabinet gave final approval as it is the competent forum to do so.

However, in instant case, the federal cabinet had already accorded an approval and according to sources inside the civic body, a special meeting of the CDA board has been called on Tuesday just to validate it as formality because nobody can dare to question the merits and demerits of a decision already taken by the Prime Minister.

A senior officer of the civic body expressed his anger by saying that if a decision has already been taken without taking input from concerned department, then now discussing it in CDA board is a meaningless and useless effort.

On the other side, well-placed sources inside the housing foundation told the Nation that the incumbent management of housing foundation had moved sharply and took the advantage of Prime Minister’s ambitious behavior towards the construction of 5 million houses and managed aforementioned cabinet decision by misleading the Prime Minister.

Sources privy to the development informed that CDA board members have landed in trouble as if they agree with the decisions taken by federal cabinet then their institutional interest would be hearted and if they go against it then they would invite the displeasure of the Prime Minister, who is going to inaugurate Naya Pakistan Housing Programme’s project at the same site on Wednesday.          

A board member of CDA on the condition of anonymity said that it was not necessary that the board shall agree as it is with the cabinet decision but we can recommend new suggestions to the federal cabinet by informing exact picture.

Meanwhile, the CDA board would also consider another issue in its today’s meeting in which the federal cabinet had also directed CDA to mutate 508 CDA land situated next to Asakari VI in Mauza Chaklala on the name of housing foundation to construct thirteen thousands housing units under NPHP.