ISLAMABAD - Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad and Capital Development Authority finalized the land fill site at Sangjani to dump 800 metric tons of daily household waste of the capital.

“At present, I-12 garbage dumping site has been utilized for waste disposal whereas prior to this various other proposals for a landfill site failed due to lack of funds.

Director Sanitation MCI Saradar Khan Zimri said that the proper garbage disposal issue of the capital was about to resolve as major consensus had been developed on the landfill site.

He said that proper dumpsters were also placed in the Kachi abadies of sectors G-7 and F-7/4 for waste disposal and solid waste management. “The residents of G-7 slums are not cooperating with the CDA whereas the authority has issued 40 notices to the area residents on violation and openly throwing garbage in the area,” he added.

G-7 and F-7 Kachi abadies have been cleansed in the recent campaign whereas in the next, we would proceed towards G-8 sector slum areas, he said.

The major issue is dearth of machinery as 25 percent population is throwing garbage in the nullahs,” Sardar Zimri said.