Karachi - Adviser to Sindh CM on Information, Law & Anti-Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Monday has said that an amount of Rs10 million had gone missing out of funds that were collected by Prime Minister Imran Khan at a ceremony held at Governor’s House in September 2018, demanding high level inquiry into “the funds disappearance.”

Talking to media persons here at media corner of Sindh Assembly on Monday, the provincial adviser cited a tweet of the prime minister wherein he (PM) claimed that he had collected Rs760 million at the ceremony but the amount which was handed over to the then chief justice of Pakistan was Rs10 million less than the amount mentioned by the PM. “This Rs10 million is certainly missing from the total which should be probed into,” he demanded.

He emphasised that this disclosure should not be treated just as “political statement,” adding that as a common citizen of Pakistan, he earnestly requests the authorities concerned to investigate the matter. He also pleaded Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of misappropriation in greater cause initiated by its former chief justice.

He pointed out that Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vowda has also advised people in a TV interview to deposit Dam Fund through cheque instead of handing over cash to anyone. “What are the reasons which compelled Faisal Vowda to give such a statement,” the adviser posed a question.

PTI, allies start using ‘cheap tactics’ against 18th Amendment

Murtaza Wahab said that PTI has been doing politics of allegations for the past 22 years since its inception as political party, adding that the PTI leadership has levelled serious allegations against major political leaders of the country, which otherwise could never be proved. He said that when Imran Khan and Aleema Khan were accused of misappropriation in Shoukat Khanum hospital funds, nothing had happened despite tangible evidence.

He said that Akbar Babar, one of the pioneers of PTI had not only accused the party of misappropriation of funds but approached the ECP seeking investigation into the matter.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that after mass contact movement of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in form of its train journey from Karachi to Larkana, PTI seems worried and started cheap tactics through federal government and its allies against 18th Amendment. “Now allies of PTI have also started taking U-turns,” the adviser claimed, adding that MQM was very active on provincial autonomy and fully participated in preparation and approval of 18th Amendment.

“MQM should elaborate, what went wrong with 18th amendment now? he argued, adding that whether MQM-P is against the transfer of resources to provinces or against provincial autonomy. The adviser also asked Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) who chanted slogans of Sindh Dharti that why were they silent now?

The PPP leader advised federal minister who suggested Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene under article 149 of constitution, to go through article 148, 137 and 105 of constitution which clearly stated that no invention could be made in provincial matters. “The Constitution terms any such move as sheer violation,” he pointed out, and suggested to the MQM P to raise Sindh case with federal government and fight for the NFC, water and gas share for betterment of people of Sindh instead of hatching conspiracies against elected government of Sindh.