Bilawal`s reaction to post-Pulwama attacks and the appearance of the Zardari family in NAB has definitely created chaos in PPP ranks. Being a common Pakistani citizen, I fear how low a political party can go on moral-political grounds.

Firstly, BBZ should not have so bluntly attacked Military Establishment for not taking actions against Terrorist outfits and defaming Pakistan by mentioning that Pak establishment is hiding Masood Azhar from IAF. Secondly, if NAB cannot execute trial of plundered money of big guns then who. We need someone to rescue us from the catastrophic state of disrepair in which investors feel reluctant to come and invest. It is time for common citizens of Pakistan especially our brothers living in Sindh to introspect. Furthermore, PPP leadership should change this stance of avoiding NAB and confronting the state on national issues. Not long ago, PPP was a national party but now it remains in interior Sindh only.

PTI has not been successful in reviving the economy; however, its foreign policy has been comparatively successful in these hard times. India on the other hand is increasing its pressure on international fronts to declare Pakistan a safe haven for terrorists. Political parties should be careful in media interactions especially at times when we are at the radar of FATF.


Islamabad, March 26.