LAHORE/ISLAMABAD   -    Sabir’s Poultry scored 232-3 in 55 overs in their second innings against K-Electric on the second day of the Patron’s Trophy Grade-II Pool (D) match here at LCCA ground on Monday.

Earlier, K-Electric were bowled out for 163 in 35.2 overs, in reply to Sabir’s Poultry first innings of 136 all out. For Sabir’s Poultry, Nisar Ahmed clinched four wickets for 59. In their second innings, Sabir’s Poultry were 232 for three at stumps. Imran Dogar emerged as top scorer with impressive 119 runs off 151 balls with 22 fours.

On the second day of the Pool (D) match between Pakistan Railways and Karachi Port Trust here at Railway Stadium, Karachi Port Trust (KPT) resumed their innings from one for no wicket and scored 276-8 in 83 overs. For KPT, Faraz Patel scored unbeaten 75 off 176 balls with nine fours. For Railways, Hasan Mehmood took five wickets for 66. In their second innings, Pakistan Railways were 35-0 in 8 overs at stumps.

Meanwhile, Army were all out for 297 in their first innings against State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) at Army Cricket Ground. Army resumed their first innings at overnight score of 19-2 and thanks to M Fahad’s 127, they managed to concede only 35 runs first innings lead. Besides Fahad, Qadir Khan scored 76 and M Usman 54. M Ilyas and M Nawaz took 3 wickets each.

At Diamond Ground, Islamabad, classic centuries by Umair Masood and Zeeshan Malik helped debutant PAF take 57-run first innings lead against PIA. PAF resumed their first innings at overnight score of 24-0 and were all out for 451 in 82.5 overs. Earlier, PIA declared their first innings at 394-6. Ghulam Muhamamd took 4-115 and Ali Imran Pasha 3-104.




HAIDERI TRADERS: 158 all out, 67.1 overs (Muhamamd Usman 34, {83b, 2x4s, 1x6}; Jallat Khan 33, {53b, 3x4s, 1x6}; Ali Antum Naqvi 25, {51b, 2x4s}; Muhamamd Irfan 4-39, Shah Faisal 3-33, Bilawal Iqbal 2-47) and 60-2, 28 overs (Syed Amin uddin 31 not out, {80b, 2x4s}; Muhamamd Adnan Bhatti 22, {67b, 3x4s})

OMER ASSOCIATES: 276 all out, 70 overs (Yasir Mushtaq 71, {117b, 8x4s}; Usman Khan 65, {84b, 12x4s}; Arsalan Bashir 64, {89b, 8x4s, 1x6}; Saad Nasim 33, {43b 2x4s, 1x6}; Syed Ali Mustafa Naqvi 6-81, Jallat Khan 2-60)


PAKISTAN NAVY: 210 all out, 52.5 overs (Wasim Ahmed 66 not out {86b, 10x4s}; Hamza Ghanchi 37, {63b, 7x4s}; Owais Rehmani 27, {36b, 4x4s}; Mirza Ahsan 6-62, Shahid Nawaz 2-44) and 97-6, 24.1 overs (Mirza Ahsan 3-43, Usman Usmani 2-24)

CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY: 303-9, 83 overs (Ashfaq Ahmed 116, {116b, 13x4s}; Haris Ali 56, {65b, 4x4s}; Akbar Badshah 31, {94b, 3x4s};  Muhammad Asim 26, {71b, 3x4s} Raza ul Hassan 6-86)




PORT QASIM: 277 all out, 79.1 overs (Khurram Manzoor 67, {126b, 7x4s}; Daniyal Ahsan 56, {78b, 4x4s}; Atif Ali Zaidi 42, {56b, 4x4s}; Ali Jawad 34, {111b}; Tayyab Riaz 5-65, Marwan Muhammad 3-50) and 193-7, 33 overs (Muhammad Salman 54, {70b, 6x4s}; Muhamamd Waqas 51, {71b, 6x4s}; Khurram Manzoor 41, {22b, 3x4s, 2x6s}; Marwan Muhammad 4-34, Mirza Bilal Baig 2-54)

CANDYLAND: 178 all out, 48.3 overs (Tayyab Riaz 38, {70b, 6x4s}; Fawad Ali 27, {45b, 3x4s}; Mirza Bilal Baig 21, {53b, 1x4}; Muhamamd Talha 6-52, Muhamamd Ibtisam 2-55)


HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION: 282-5, 83 overs (Fahad Usman 107, {183b, 14x4s}; Sharoon Siraj 40 not out, {40b, 5x4s}; Arslan Zia 38, {141b, 2x4s}; Muhamamd Fiaq 37, {38b, 5x4s, 1x6}; Hamza Akbar 24 not out, {55b}; Ali Usman 2-93) and 68-1, 15 overs (Fahad Usman 27 not out, {50b, 4x4s}; Muhamamd Fiaq 25 not out, {35b, 5x4s};)

GHANI GLASS: 212 all out, 62.5 overs (Zeeshan Ashraf 64, {96b, 10x4s}; Yousaf Babar 52, {92b, 8x4s}; Hasnain Bukhari 43, {80b, 5x4s}; Asfand Mehran 3-14, Bilal Anwar 3-31, Mamoon Riaz 2-36, Rana Kashif 2-45)



STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN: 332 all out, 82.1 overs (Usman Sallahuddin 97, {180b, 9x4s, Rizwan Hussain 66, {68b, 11x4s}; Hamza Nadeem 42, {42b, 3x4s, 2x6s}; Syed Saad Ali 37, {73b, 4x4s}; Muhamamd Nawaz 27, {47b, 5x4s}; Hamza Khan 5-84, Arshad Ullah 2-40) and 36 for no loss, 8 overs (Israrullah 21 not out, {31b, 5x4s})

PAKISTAN ARMY: 297 all out, 74.4 overs (Muhammad Fahad 127, {176b, 10x4s, 3x6s, Qadir Khan 76, {109b, 13x4s}; Muhamamd Usman 54, {104b, 5x4s}; Muhammad Ilyas 3-63, Muhammad Nawaz 3-63)


PAKISTAN INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE: 394-6 dec, 75.2 overs (Shehzar Muhammad 157, {189b, 21x4s}; Agha Sabir 104, {142b, 14x4s}; Fahad Iqbal 47, {61b, 6x4s}; Muhammad Nadeem 22, {13b, 2x4s, 2x6s}; Imran Khan 3-106, Touseeq Shah 2-62) and 15 for no loss, 5 overs

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE: 451 all out, 82.5 overs (Umair Masood 122, {120b, 15x4s}; Zeeshan Malik 120, {82b, 21x4s, 3x6s}; Muhammad Naqash 74, {80b, 14x4s}; Imran Khan 41, {66b, 2x4s}; Awais Iqbal 29, {70b, 4x4s, Salman Chaudhry, 27, {34b, 5x4s}; Ghulam Muhamamd 4-115, Ali Imran Pasha 3-104)



PAKISTAN RAILWAYS: 406-7, 83 overs (Bilal Irshad 157, {176b, 18x4s, 1x6}; Hamza Nazar 75, {122b, 10x4s, 1x6}; Hassan Sardar 72, {54b, 4x4s, 4x6s}; Hassan Mehmood 31, {34b, 3x4s};Muhammad Waqas 24, {68b, 3x4s}; Husban Javed 3-79, Khalid Mehmood 3-89) and 35 for no loss, 8 overs ()Bilal Irshad 25 not out {20b, 2x4s, 2x6s};

KARACHI PORT TRUST: 276-8, 83 overs (Faraz Patel 75, not out {176b, 9x4s}; Taimoor Ali 60, {143b, 8x4s}; Babar Rehman 34, {33b, 4x4s, 2x6s}; Nadeem Javed 33, {72b, 3x4s, 1x6}; Hassan Mehmood 5-66, Ali Zubair 2-28)

LCCA Ground, Lahore

SABIR’S POULTRY: 136 all out, 59.3 overs (Imran Dogar 28, {72b, 4x4s}; Ali Zaryab 26, {88b, 5x4s}; Sajid Khan 4-11, Asad Raza 3-34) and 232-3, 55 overs (Imran Dogar 119, {151b, 22x4s}; Hassan Dar 49, {70b, 4x4s, 3x6s}; Tariq Nawaz 38, {84b, 5x4s})

K-ELECTRIC: 163 all out, 35.2 overs (Hassan Khan 34, {43b, 7x4s}; Nasir Nawaz 28, {36b, 5x4s}; Bahadur Ali 27, {44b, 4x4s}; Nisar Ahmed 4-59, Inam Javed 3-28, Ghulam Rehman 2-62)