LAHORE   -    The School Education Department has developed an e-transfer system for teachers in Punjab in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board.

Now onwards teachers would have to apply for transfer through online system and in this regard login and password of each teacher has already been sent on their mobile numbers.

According to the notification issued on Monday by the School Education Department, “Teachers must have to login in SIS/Transfer System by April 25, 2019 in any case.”

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Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said the previous government had not focused on the fair and transparent system of teachers transfer. With the newly installed system, the culture of bribery would be ended.

All e-transfer applications will be ranked automatically, based on marks for seniority, tenure, distance, wedlock, marital status, disabilities as per trainer transfer policy. The notification cleared that ranking will be made available online publically.

Top candidates for each school will be called by the CEO office for final document verification and after receiving the online acceptance; transfer order will be generated with QR code.

According to the notification, “It is once again emphasized that no transfer shall be made either during ban or lifting of ban without the e-transfer applications with e-transfer system”.

Headmasters Association Punjab President Rasheed Ahmed Bhatti termed the notification a step in the right direction and urged the government to supervise the online process with fairness.

“From the e-transfer system schoolteachers would not get rid of the clerical staff of School Education Department. There are some complications too in this online process but we are looking forward to understand the process,” he said.