We all know about Raveena and Reena, kidnapped from Daharki, a few weeks ago. According to media reports, they have now accepted Islam. They expressed in their statement through social media that” we have accepted Islam without any kind of hesitation, it is our own decision, and no one has forced us to do that”. They have also appealed the government of Sindh for protection. Responding to the ongoing situation Sushma Swaraj has challenged the security system of Pakistan by asking High Commissioner of India to send an event report to Delhi.

Therefore, I Just want to explain to Miss Sushma Swaraj, not only Pakistan but also every country of the world is facing such problems. It is not your duty Ma’am, why are you interfering in our issues. Who has given you that right?

We are treating Hindus, Sikhs, and all the other minorities equally. So please do not do politics behind such grave matters. According to Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and our founding father “Minorities are the white color of our flag. No such incident can change that reality.


Dadu, March 26.