Rawalpindi-Young Doctors Association (YDA) Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) have registered strong protest against a duty medical officer for misbehaving with a lady doctor and a nurse in Corona Ward.

YDA and many other doctors also accused DMS of adopting pick and choose policy while preparing duty rosters and of attempting to steal food being provided to doctors and paramedics of BBH by management of Sarena Hotel, Islamabad in return of their hard efforts to tackle coronavirus.

They informed two members of YDA also slapped DMS in his office for misbehaving with a senior lady doctor Khizara.

They YDA and victim nurse also lodged written complaints against DMS Dr Ali Rao with Medical Superintendent (MS) BBH Dr Muhammad Raffique who assured them DMS would be transferred till May 1,2020, they said.

According to details, YDA are against a DMS Dr Ali Rao in BBH allegedly for his maltreatment and misbehaviour with doctors and nurses.

They said DMS Dr Ali Rao also misbehaved with Dr Khizara and stole her food provided by Sarena Hotel. On this, the victim doctor approached her husband who is also a doctor in the hospital and lodged complaint against DMS. T

he husband of Dr Khizara along with representative of YDA visited office of DMS and had a quarrel with him besides slapping him in his office.

According to details, DMS also misbehaved with another senior nurse Khadija over demanding PPEs kit.

Later, YDA leaders and representatives of Young Nurses Association including victim nurse called on MS and lodged complaints against DMS Dr Ali Rao.

The complainants urged MS to remove DMS from office or else they would launch protest demo against him and the administration. Sensing the sensitivity of issue, MS assured YDA he would transfer DMS till May 1, 2020.

When contacted, YDA BBH President Dr Azim Rana confirmed the development.

He said DMS has made the lives of doctors and nurses a hell. He said he favoured his blue eyed doctors and nurses, victimising the others.

He said they brought the matter into notice of MS who assured departmental action against him. On a query, Dr Azim Rana denied that YDA member or hubby of Dr Khizara slapped DMS in his office.

DMS Dr Ali Rao, while talking to The Nation, denied all allegations leveled against him. He said Dr Khizara was absent from duty and her DMS reported this to MS on which she got infuriated and threatened him.

He said distribution of food is not his responsibility but of AMS Dr Inayat.

“I have never stolen food from hospital, he said. He admitted two YDA members tried to assault him in his office. Dr Ali said nurse misbehaved with him over the issue of PPE kit and he did not do anything.

MS BBH Dr Muhammad Raffique, despite repeated attempts, neither replied to messages on his cell number nor attended calls made by this correspondent to know his version.