The emergency lockdown in Karachi along with the spread of misinformation and fear is starting to show results in the hospitals of the city. An increased number of people who were either dead on arrival or died within a couple of hours after is a cause for concern. It points out how misinformation or the lack of awareness is creating problems for people, making it impossible for them to follow due instructions and practice safety measures.

Doctors in several hospitals across the city are pointing out a trend where people between the ages of 45 to 60 are coming up with acute respiratory issues and losing their lives due to a lack of response to treatment. Many autopsy results even show infections resembling COVID-19, however, the problem is that people are ignoring symptoms and not seeking treatment on time. What this means is that coronavirus positive patients might be slipping under the radar, and what is worse is that not identifying them as such may be spreading the infection unchecked in various parts of the country.

It is important for the Sindh government to now initiate awareness drives as well, encouraging people to check themselves and those around them for symptoms, particularly people in the aforementioned bracket. This will allow doctors on duty to perform their jobs and save as many lives as possible during the current pandemic.

At the same time, if symptoms are going unrecognised in the general public, there is also a lack of understanding of how people can become carriers and infect larger populations. More awareness campaigns are the only way to mitigate this problem as well.

Medical professionals on their part must also look to identify if those that have already passed away might have carried the virus, and try and isolate anyone they may have been in contact with, to counter the spread. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, but it is better to have all our bases covered before we regret any mistakes made.