Medical facilities for frontline heroes


Covid-19 has exposed Pakistan’s health and medical facilities candidly. Our doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are Frontline heroes against the corona pandemic, as they need not only salutes and guard of honours, but also proper health facilities.  Our neighbour country China has sent medical kits and aid to help Pakistan in this crucial time. But those aids and medical kits available in many hospitals of Pakistan is a big question mark. The lives of Frontline heroes are at high risk. Proper medical suits, masks, gloves are basic necessity for them; therefore it is a dire need that ruling government must provide these amenities to the hospitals.

Punjab Population Welfare Department along with District Governments introduced mobile vans for the identification and screening of corona patients in different districts of Punjab. Unfortunately, during screening, social distancing is being violated by the general public, and health workers are not fully equipped medically. They are at great risk, especially women.

Asma Aamir,



Rising hate


India, the largest democratic country in the world, seems to have miserably failed to secure and protect the rights of minorities. Indian electronic media, by and large, is on front playing communal cards and busy in communal coverage across the country. Indian media repeatedly holds Tablighi Jamaat responsible for Covid-19 spread in India.

Moreover, Islamophobia is running deep in India with the arrival of Covid-19. At the time of a global pandemic, all citizens are supposed to be united to combat coronavirus but India apparently lacks this much-needed national unity. After imposing nationwide lockdown in India, mass gatherings of BJP party with hundreds of people were often seen on several occasions.

The BJP party itself, for sure, instensified the spread of Covid-19 and the blame falls upon Tablighi Jamaat. The recent anti-Muslim narratives by BJP’s top figures reflect that how their hearts are filled up of hatred for Muslims and they eagerly wait for something to put the blame on Indian Muslims.

Qasim Jan,



Impacting economies


The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting economies around the world. The IMF recently declared that we are officially facing a recession. Pakistan has witnessed a substantial economic slowdown and while the government is playing its part to aid the population, it is doing little to balance the scales.

Banks and financial institutions falling under the remit of the State Bank is playing a crucial role in stabilising the economy but the country’s most important tertiary based sector may be put in jeopardy as a result of the new regulations announced by the supreme governing body. As someone who has been associated with the field for quite some time, these steps are troubling to read about.

SBPs’ new guidelines issued on 26th March are designed to favor investors and borrowers and the expense of banks in the country. Our financial institutions are already making significant bailouts having extended loans in excess of Rs. 100 billion to listed companies in light of dropping share prices. The new regulations require banks to increase their exposure to a dangerous level.

The deferred principal payment for one year, the increase in credit limits and a drastic drop in interest rates are bound to create financial anomalies that will make banks bleed leading to a bigger crisis than the country has ever witnessed in the past.

These are trying times but that doesn’t mandate the SBP to facilitate industries at the expense of a crucial pillar that is supporting the economy, i.e. local banks. It is high time that the central bank rethinks its strategy.




Lockdown in Hub City


HUB, the city has been lockdown from 9 days. It’s very good for us to avoid coronavirus, but if talking about poor or Labours families. They are lacking food, the bazaar is off and the rush is too much less. You can not see any citizens in the Hub city, but you can find Labors on the roads in the morning tonight, they are waiting for someone, who call us for working, they are waiting for someone, who give us donate they are waiting for someone who helps us, they are waiting for someone who listens our voice.

Everyone knows that whatever the Labours get money in a day and spend their homes and families because they don’t get more than 600 or 800 hundreds in a day, if they say we save our money. Unfortunately, we can’t see anyone for helping them. As I met a women, she said, my food were finish and I am out of flour, what can we do now because our sons or husbands are sitting at home and the city is lockdown due to coronavirus. It is the request of government Balochistan, kindly do something for the poor families in Hub City and awarded about their problems.




Sanitiser walkthrough gate


Jhang Administration must be applauded for having manufactured and installed first indigenous sanitiser walk through the gate at the Jhang Fruit market. As per details, only Turkey and United States have such facilities installed. Such innovative equipment has a frame built of iron pipes having a fiberglass sheet on its exterior.

Nozzles are fixed inside the iron frame and a big drum of chlorinated water is placed nearby the gate that supplies the water to the nozzles through an electric motor. The centrifugal force of the electric motor is used to raise water from a low level of the drum to a higher lever of the gate. The pressure converts water into vapour which is sprinkled on everybody passing through the gate, killing coronavirus.

It is a remarkable achievement and government should take note of it. Interestingly, an average gate for passing two to three persons may cost around R.100,000/- per unit. For the safety of population, such gates may be installed at all entries and exit points of hospitals, mosques, offices and even at entry and exits of cities. Through these concrete means, we can ensure the safety and safe health of our citizens.