Islamabad-A new species of bent-toed gecko (Cyrtodactylus phnomchiensis) has been described from Cambodia’s Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary by Wild Earth Allies Biologist Thy Neang in collaboration with North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Herpetologist Bryan Stuart. This new species is described in ZooKeys.

The species was discovered by Thy Neang during Wild Earth Allies field surveys in June-July 2019 on an isolated mountain named Phnom Chi in the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary when he encountered an unusual species of bent-toed gecko. “It was an extremely unexpected discovery.

No one thought there were undescribed species in Prey Lang,” said Neang. The geckos were found to belong to the C. irregularis species complex that includes at least 19 species distributed in southern and central Vietnam, eastern Cambodia, and southern Laos.


Tricks to making your TOILETRIES last longer in lockdown!


Islamabad-The whole world has been in lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus for weeks, meaning that most of us are limiting trips to the shops as much as possible.

By now, some of us may be running low on products like deodorant, shampoo and moisturizer. While some people won’t consider these items essential, they can’t deny the need for soap right now. Whether you’re in money-saving mode or want to limit your trips out of the house, making what you already have last longer can help with just that. You’ll also help the environment by creating less packaging waste. To help you get the most out of your personal care products, experts gives their top lockdown life hacks…

Handwash: Handwash was one of the first products to disappear from the shelves as people stockpiled. If you start to run out, add a dash of water to the dispenser bottle to loosen the remaining soap and give you a few more pumps. If you prefer bar soap, keep it out of the water and allow it to dry and harden up in between uses.

Shampoo & Conditioner: To avoid your shampoo and conditioner sticking to the bottom of the bottle, store upside down so you can get every last drop.


 Like with soap, if you’re running low, add a dash of water and shake. You can also make DIY hair conditioners and masks if you fancy getting crafty. Kitchen essentials like rapeseed, coconut and olive oil, honey, eggs, bananas and lemon juice can work wonders.

Creams: Storing your body and face creams correctly can extend their lifespan. Your products last longest when stored in cold, dark and dry places, so be sure to keep them away from moisture and direct sunlight. A cool dark cupboard is an ideal spot or even the fridge. Think to yourself – do I really need to use all my normal products? If you’re stuck indoors, you probably don’t need as much makeup and will have less exposure to UV and pollution.