ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the federal government is making every pos­sible effort to provide relief to the people in these testing times and provision of Ehsaas Emergency Cash is merit-based and transpar­ent programme.

Talking to PTI’s Central Vice President and Parliamentary lead­er of the party in Sindh Assem­bly Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Prime Minister said that Ehsaas Cash Emergency program is being run in the most transparent manner and on merit whilst rising above political affiliations.

He said the government is cogni­zant of the problems of the people. In addition to coronavirus, cop­ing with the poverty is another big challenge. The Prime Minister said a strategy is being evolved keeping in view the economic difficulties of the people.

The Prime Minister said that the cooperation of philanthropists is also required to provide relief to the weak and poor segments of the society. He said the political lead­ership should play its role to mo­tivate the philanthropists to reach out the deserving families.

The PTI lawmaker from Sindh informed the Prime Minister about the overall situation of coronavi­rus in Sindh and explained him about the problems faced by the people while battling out the pan­demic in the province.

“We are thankful for the funds allocated by the federal govern­ment for Sindh under Ehsaas pro­gramme,” he said. The provin­cial lawmaker also notified that youth around the province is excit­ed to become a part of ‘Tiger Re­lief Force’ and would ensure active participation in collecting relief funds for the programme.

Meanwhile, talking to a delega­tion of Saylani Welfare Trust, the Prime Minister reiterated the gov­ernment’s resolve to win the fight against Coronavirus with the sup­port of all the stakeholders con­cerned. On the occasion, the PM appreciated the role of various wel­fare trusts engaged in providing re­lief to Coronavirus-hit population.

Speaking on the occasion, the members of the delegation said that the government’s decision to allow construction industry to re­sume its operations will help ease difficulties being faced by the busi­ness class in the country.

The delegation also appreciat­ed the timely steps taken by the federal government to cope with post-corona situation and provid­ing relief to weaker segments of society.