RAWALPINDI -  Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Capt (Retd) Anwar ul Haq directed the authorities concerned to take action against the hoarders, profiteers who are creating artificial shortage in the market in wake of COVID-19. In a statement issued here, he said that all the shopkeepers and vendors should follow the price list of district government, adding no one would be allowed to cheat the general public. He urged the public to check the price of edibles and if they found anyone involved in profiteering or hoarding then register their complaint on app “Qeemat Punjab” or helpline 0800-02345. According to price list by the district government, potato is available at Rs 44 to 46 per kg, onion Rs 54 to 56 per kg, tomato Rs 34 to 36 per kg, ginger Rs 300 to 330 per kg, lemon 134 to 150 per Kg, cucumber 25 per Kg, peas Rs 92 to 125 per Kg, garlic (China) 300 to 330 per Kg, capsicum Rs 44 to 50 per kg, cauliflower Rs 26 to 34 per kg, brinjal Rs 24 to 30 per kg, lady finger 110 to 125, turnip 24 to 28 per kg while fruits including apple Rs 135-145 per kg, guava Rs 55 to 60 per kg, banana Rs 100 to 120 (dozen), dates 210 to 230 per kg, strawberry 100 to 140 per kg and guava 55 to 60 per kg, orange 150-170 per dozen. Similarly, chicken meat Rs 130 per kg and eggs 112 per dozen are available in open market.