ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf Friday told the National Assembly that the government would install a windmill during the first phase, which would produce six Megawatt of electricity at the end of this August, while the entire project would be launched by the end of August 2009. Replying to a supplementary question, the Minister said that for achieving the targets set by the government, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has initiated the Wind Power Generation Project through Private sector. He said that M/s Zorlu Enerji Company would install Wind Farm of 6 MW by the end of August in its first phase. He also said that a total of 33, 976 acres of land has so far been provisionally allocated to 21 investors. He added that eight IPPs have completed their feasibility studies for 50 MW wind power projects each. He said that NEPRA has issued generation license to six companies. He further added that NEPRA has announced tariff determinations for three investors, namely M/s Green Power (US Cents 10.2852 per kwh), M/s Wind Power (US Cents 10.47 per kwh) and M/s Zorlur Enerji Pakistan (US Cents 12.1057per kwh). He said that that the government has set target of 5 percent of the electricity generation by 2030 from alternative energy sources through AEDB. While answering another supplementary question, he said that the previous government was responsible for power shortage in the country. He said that the previous government did not generate even one mega watt power during their eight years' rule and the parliament, being the best forum for accountability, must hold accountable them for power shortage. He further said that solar energy project is very expensive at the initial stage, however, the government has approved four projects for rural electrification of remote 300 villages in Balochistan and 100 villages in Sindh. The Minister said that the government would also construct hydropower projects to meet the energy demand.