KARACHI - About 400 innocent Pakistanis including children, elderly persons and women are still detained in various Indian prisons while the government of Pakistan is doing nothing to get them rid of the miserable condition.     Talking to The Nation here on Friday, Sarim Burney, vice chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International, said that these people, belonging to nearly 100 families, were gone to India to visit their native villages. But these figures are beyond the actual statistics of the people detained in Indian prisons. Sarim said that these Pakistani citizens were suffering in Indian jails without any criminal charges, however, Indian authorities had expressed their satisfaction over the innocency of these Pakistani citizens. He said that government of Pakistan could easily get them released from the Indian jails but no Pakistani official had contacted with the Indian authorities in this regard. Most of these people belongs to Karachi and of Gujrathi speaking who have been arrested from different Indian airports when they were departing for Pakistan with the alleged false travelling documents. They were arrested from Attari (Amritsar) and Munabao. He said that the Indian lawyers were also looting the detained people by pleading their cases in Indian courts and collecting high charges. "About four agents are involved in providing false visas to the detained families." He claimed that these false travelling documents were made by some agents operating in Karachi with the patronage of authorities concerned because with their support no illegal work can take place. "The authorities concerned have been failed to control human trafficking in the country, while the intelligence agencies also fail to curb such mafias." Sarim said that due to agents' mafias and human smugglers, a number of innocent people had been victimised in India, who were mistakenly travelled by false visas. He said that such elements had been operating without any fear of accountability, despite existing of several departments. They had never been stopped to play with the humanity so far, while only some cases had been reported. He also claimed that the agents who were involved in human trafficking had not only committing this crime under the patronage of Pakistani authorities but also enjoying support from the Indian embassy. He appealed to both Pakistani and Indian authorities to handle the matter seriously and banned these agents involved in such activities. "Indian embassy is the second embassy where huge applications could be seen for visas, while the agents take advantages from them." Sarim said that hundreds of Pakistanis were still waiting for their release and mostly were found travelling with false documents but they were not professionally criminal or Pakistan agents. He also urged to the high-ups of both Pakistan and India to take proper initiatives to release their innocent citizens from the prisons of both the countries, as most of their citizens had crossed the borders mistakenly or travelled with the false documents.