PESHAWAR - A high-level meeting held at Governor House on Friday decided to go ahead with the military action against Taliban fighters in Bajaur Agency, Swat and other parts of the region till the return of peace and stability to ensure the writ of law. "We would not surrender before the militants," remarked Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik while talking to media after attending the meeting. The meeting besides Rehman Malik and Governor Awais Ahmad Ghani was also attended by Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti, Federal Minister for Environment Hamid Ullah, Senators and MNAs from all the volatile regions of NWFP and adjacent tribal areas. Rehman gave 72-hour deadline to warring tribesmen in Kurram Agency to remain peaceful and cooperate with law-enforcing agencies in restoring peace or face operation. Rehman said problem in Kurram Agency is "deep rooted and would be solved by taking all stakeholders on board. A jirga of Shia and Sunni elders will be constituted in next few days to negotiate with warring tribes and find durable solution. Jirga members would visit Kohat and Parachinar in Kurram Agency for talks with both sides." High-ranking civil and police authorities responsible for law and order briefed the participants about the overall situation in the tribal areas, particularly the ongoing insurgency by the self-styled militants. The participants were also informed of the ways and means adopted to bring the situation under control. Briefing the media about the current pace of operation against the militants in Bajaur agency, the NWFP Governor Awais Ahmad Ghani said that during this operation 462 militants were killed and a similar number of them were injured. He also informed that so far 22 personnel of the security forces had been killed and several others were missing. In response to a question, Rehman Malik made it clear that operation against the militants in Bajaur would be continued and similarly it may continue in Swat and other parts. To another question, he defended the Armed Forces and rejected the allegations of the common men against them. He made it clear, "Armed Forces would remain on a permanent basis in Swat." Even he said, "Armed Forces would establish a cantonment in Swat, for ensuring their presence in the region and also for bringing an end to the militancy." The NWFP Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti on this occasion informed that the Provincial Government had established five camps for the tribesmen who had migrated from Bajaur in adjacent Dir district, three in Malakand whereas one would start operation at Peshawar from Saturday. Rehman Malik earlier confirmed migration of around 219,000 from Bajaur to peaceful areas in Dir, Peshawar and other areas. Malik has appreciated the arrangements being made by the NWFP Government for the relief and help of the affected tribesmen from Bajaur Agency. He also announced Rs 100 million on behalf of the Federal Government for the relief of the displaced and migrating tribesmen from Bajaur Agency. In response to a question, Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti also confirmed receiving a delegation of Tehrik Nifaz Shariah Mohammadi (TNSM) for reconciliation. "I told the delegates that the government was ready for talks but they should first get the mandate from those who had earlier violated the agreement." He confirmed striking the agreement with the wrong people who according to him received dictation from somewhere else. He, however, said that the government was firm on its decision of going to resolve the issue through dialogues and table talks. The chief of Interior Ministry Rehman Malik on this occasion appreciated the uprising of the common people, particularly from Buner, against the militants, which according to him is a good omen. He was of the view that people's uprising could help the government in combating the trend of militancy. On this occasion, he announced the award of Rs 500,000 and one Klashnikov to each of those who had captured and shot dead six militants in Buner some three days back. Rehman Malik while highlighting the achievements of the government said, "The militants are being helped and assisted from abroad." In this respect, he without mentioning India, said that some neighbouring countries were also providing help to these militants. He also claimed that security forces had netted a network, involved in recent suicide attack in Lahore and other terrorist acts. He said that further details in this respect could be made public in the coming few days. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Awais Ahmad Ghani expressed satisfaction over the ongoing military action in Bajaur Agency, where collateral damages were minimum. He said that the civilian population had migrated from the affected areas, which to him was in accordance with the wishes of the people. Referring to news regarding killing of Tehrik Taliban important leader Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, Rehman Malik said, so far it was not confirmed. However, he said that the communication links had been affected in the area, therefore, the exact identity of the killed militants was yet to be confirmed.