I am a retired class IV government employee. These days I am beset by poverty, disease, old age and misfortune. My daughter, a patient of Thalasaemia, was treated for years at Lahore Fatmid Foundation where I visited every fortnight for the purpose of blood transfusion and medicine. Eventually, the doctors recommended bone marrow transplant from London. But the estimate of expenses was over 40000 pounds which I could not arrange. My daughter expired in the year 2000 after suffering for over ten years. I was still in shock when the NAB confiscated my house in lieu of a loan of three million rupees, which my father had allegedly obtained from the (now defunct) National Cooperatives Bank. The above-mentioned events took a toll on my health and I am now stricken with hepatitis, diabetes and many other deadly diseases. Further setbacks were in store for me as my department, rather than helping me get treatment at government expense, fired me from job. My pension and other service benefits have also been refused illegally. I have been making applications to high officials and all concerned but it is all in vain. I appeal through your newspaper to NGOs and human rights organizations to help me get my pension. -GUL SHADAB, Qadir Town, Faisal Colony, Jalalpur Jattan, District Gujrat, August 15.