KARACHI  - The CNG station owners and dealers have threatened to close down business against the government planning to regulate CNG price through the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and OGRA. According to a press release issued here Friday, CNG station owners and dealers in a meeting on August 15, 2008 have expressed their anguish due to recent news items in electronic media in this regard. It said that the CNG owners and dealers have time and again requested the concerned authorities to consult the stakeholders before making any decision about CNG price regulation. "But we were neither invited nor taken into confidence despite the fact that we are the biggest stakeholders as we have invested billions of rupees in setting up CNG industry", they said. They pointed out that by virtue of this huge investment, Pakistan has become the largest users of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the world. They said that if the owners and dealers were not taken into confidence before finalizing the prices, the CNG business would become unfeasible and they would be forced to close down their businesses depriving the general public of a cheap source of fuel. "We would have to lay off our employees which would result in unrest and unemployment and would cause the entire CNG industry to collapse and leave the large number of investors bankrupt", they noted. They appealed to the government and OGRA to take keen interest in the matter and save the CNG industry from collapse.