LAHORE - A-level students have asked Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to allocate separate quota of seats for them in medical and dental colleges as current admission policy unfairly favoured the FSc students due to unjust equivalence formula, unfair entry test and absence of quota system. In their presentation made to the Punjab CM, they have pleaded that majority of A-level students can not get admission in medical colleges due to unfair admission policy. Highlighting their main concerns about the admission formula, the students have observed: "The equivalent marks given to A-level students are very low which exhibits a sheer unjust attitude towards us. An A-level A-Grade whether at 90 per cent or 99 per cent is lowered down to the value of 85 per cent only, while making equivalence. The equivalence in respect of other grades is also reduced likewise. The highest marks given to an A-level student are 935/1100 by IBCC (Interboard Committee Of Chairman). On the other hand, highest marks of an FSc student can be as high as 1000 and above." They further pleaded that Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) was purely based on FSc textbooks and pattern, which is quite different from that of A-Levels. As a consequence, they maintained, even the brilliant students of school or college fail to get admission in government medical colleges. Although there have been many requests to abolish MCAT but the authorities concerned have not accepted them, mainly due to the reason that KEMU administration is extremely against its abolition. Besides, some academies making money in the name of test preparation were also influencing the concerned authorities not to abolish MCAT, which has become a nuisance for students, whether of A-levels or FSc. As a result, many intelligent students get disheartened and leave their studies in between and many suffer from acute depression. Demanding quota of seats for A-Level students in medical colleges, the students argued that they have to compete, on the same number of seats, with FSc students amongst whom are those who secure 1000+ marks and take entry test made from their own textbooks. "Make our equivalence equal to the percentages secured in our O/A-level result or increase our equivalence of A-Grade from 85 per cent to at least 90 per cent. Similarly, equivalence of other grades should also be increased. Equivalence of previous year's candidates should be revised as well so that it is fairly comparable to the FSc score and students who suffered last year can now get admission on merit. Abolish MCAT right from this year or for A-level students, set a separate test based on their own syllabus and pattern. Set a separate and equal quota of seats for A-levels and FSc students", they have presented their minimum demands. The students in their presentation have also pointed to a common misconception among authorities including KEMU that all A-Level students belong to elite class and they can afford to get admission in private medical colleges. However, this is not the case. Many A-level students study on scholarship, which greatly reduces financial burden on their parents. "Imagine a student, who has been a position holder throughout 13 years of education but he does not get admission in medical college because of unjust equivalence formula, unfair entry test and absence of quota. Don't you expect such a student to become mentally depressed? We must say that it is the worst form of injustice and it must be condemned and stopped," the students maintained.