ASUNCION  - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he is "just about certain" that US President George W Bush was to blame for the fighting in Georgia by egging on that country's leader to crush separatists in South Ossetia. "I am just about certain that it was the United States President, the imperialist George Bush, who ordered Georgia's troops to South Ossetia, killing innocent people, and Russia acted logically," Chavez said in Paraguay late Thursday. He said that whoever becomes the next US president will have to acknowledge "the legitimate sovereignty of other countries, and understand that Latin America is undergoing a revolution... a peaceful revolution because our peoples have discovered a fundamental weapon, which is the vote." Chavez predicted that the "revolution" would also spread to the United States. Referring to fellow leftwing presidents in Latin America, the former paratrooper said: "We have an Indian in Bolivia, a worker in Brazil, a strong woman in Argentina, an economist in Ecuador, a revolutionary in Nicaragua, a soldier in Venezuela, and now a bishop in Paraguay."