FOR the first time since re-entering Britney Spears's life as her conservator, her dad Jamie Spears is talking exclusively to OK about his struggle to help his daughter re-gain control of her life. Brit's dad is telling everything - from what he thinks of Kevin Federline, to when he hopes the conservatorship will end, to how his relationship with Britney is today. "We've grown a lot," Jamie tells OK. "I've been able to come back into my daughter's life, and that was an adjustment anyway, because I'm an alcoholic and it's the first time we've really been able to share." Jamie, who initially moved into Britney's Studio City home at the beginning of the conservatorship, says he no longer has to live in the house. "I don't stay here anymore," he says. "Every now and then, I'll stay if we have something early in the morning we have to do. " Jamie says both Brit and K-Fed wanted to avoid going to trial over their custody dispute, and that in the end it came down to negotiating how much time Brit wanted with their sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. "It made no sense for that trial to proceed so we worked out an agreement," he tells OK. "The agreement says that on Oct. 1 we'll probably get another overnight, and that will stay in place until the end of the year or the end of the conservatorship." As for his feelings about Kevin, Jamie says, "Kevin has a wonderful heart. I don't agree with giving him more money.... He wants them to raise these kids together. Kevin's heart is right." Currently, Britney has the boys on Monday, Wednesday and an overnight on Friday. As Britney's conservator, Jamie accompanies every visit. The conservatorship is in place through the end of the year, but Jamie says he's hopeful that his daughter will reach a place where she no longer needs it. "I would hope that it stands until the end of the year, and then we'll sit back and evaluate where we are at the time, where Britney is at that time," he tells OK. Jamie admits the conservatorship was a major adjustment for Britney, but in a twist of fate, has given them both a chance to grow together as father and daughter. "It's wonderful. It's new for both of us," he explains. "She sometimes calls me 50 times a day and asks me things that light my life up. But, like all daughters, she is very manipulative and cunning. So she gets what she wants a lot." Britney's progress has been monumental, thanks in large part to her father taking the legal steps to take over her life. But, at the end of the day, Jamie is just a dad, trying to protect his daughter. "I do understand that my baby made this monster," he says, adding, "But when she was down, people took advantage."                 - OK