NEW YORK: - A U.S. newspaper Friday described the ongoing protests in Indian Occupied Kashmir as "the largest in two decades", saying that the rallies, which began over a land transfer, have now widened into a pro-independence campaign. The Christian Science Monitor said in a dispatch that the strong action by the Indian security forces against the protesters aznd the resulting violence threatens to revive sectarian tensions and undo peace talks between India and Pakistan. "Meanwhile, tensions in Kashmir appear likely to worsen, especially in Srinagar, where residents have long resented the heavy presence of Indian police and paramilitaries," the Monitor said. "All of those killed this week were Muslims, shot by police. The situation remained tense Wednesday when Indian security forces eased a total curfew so that residents could stock up on food. Last year, Indian police were accused of murdering innocent civilians and passing them off as militants to gain promotions. "The latest troubles have also stoked deep enmities between Kashmir's Muslim and Hindu communities, after years of relative peace. There are fears such tensions could spread throughout India if Hindu groups choose to politicize the issue ahead of elections next year. Indeed, flag-waving Hindu protesters stopped traffic along roads leading to the capital, New Delhi, on Wednesday."