ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman said the draft committee had completed draft charge sheet about the impeachment of President Pervez Musharraf. Talking to newsmen after the meeting of the Committee tasked to prepare charge sheet here on Friday, she said the draft was presented to the Law Ministry for technical consultation. Later, the draft would be submitted to the leadership of the coalition partners for approval. She said a joint parliament session was expected to be summoned next week so that a resolution to impeach the President could be presented in the House. She said a historical document was being prepared on the basis of consultation process. She refused to share the charges levelled against President Musharraf in the indictment and said that it was premature to share its details as first the Law Ministry input would be incorporated in it and then the coalition partners heads would give it an affirmative nod. Ms Sherry Rehman pointed out that the four provincial assemblies had already passed resolutions demanding of President to seek fresh vote of confidence from his electoral college or resign.  She said it was a clear verdict of the people against the President. Answering a question whether President would be given safe passage, she said the decision in this connection would be taken by the coalition partners. However, article 44 of the constitution allowed the president to opt for resignation, she elaborated. "All know, who is behind de-stabilization. These are the President's actions which are de-stabilizing the country. We just want political stability and we are committed to our decision to impeach the President," she added. She said the credit for this constitutional step goes to all democratic forces. Talking to newsmen on the occasion, Education Minister and Information Secretary of PML-N Ehsan Iqbal termed the allegations of President Musharraf that Nawaz Sharif was responsible for the current political and economic crisis, as baseless and unfounded. He questioned as to who had breached the constitution twice and who had put the judges under house arrest?  He also said that sugar, atta, and cement mafia were created by the King's Party led by him. He alleged that the President had badly damaged the democratic culture and given gifts of poverty, price hike, unemployment, unrest and lawlessness, which eroded the country's economy. Referring to the draft charge sheet for the impeachment of President Musharraf, the Minister said that it was referred to the Law Ministry for its opinion before submitting it to the coalition leadership for final approval. He said the main document was supported by several other documents as proof against the unconstitutional and illegal steps taken by the President. He said that the resolution passed by all the provincial assemblies was a strong indication against the President and he should resign from the office. Replying to a question Ehsan Iqbal said that after the completion of the impeachment process, the judges issue would be resolved. To another question he said that all the PML(N) ministers would resume their duties in the Federal Cabinet soon after the impeachment of the President.