The list of the some people, who arrested at Attari (Amristar) and Munabao including Sultan Mandra, 30, s/o Adam was arrested on 28-04-2008 carrying the Passport No AD770141 and visa No P740468. Amna 29, w/o Sultan was arrested on 28-04-2008 carrying passport No AR5779561 and visa No P740469. Two-years old Urooj Bisma d/o Sultan carrying Passport No AC3858071 and visa No P740471 was arrested on 28-04-2008. Iqbal Shah 17, s/o Ibrahim Shah carrying the Passport No FW5143861 was arrested on 28-04-2008. Roshan 40, s/o Ali Muhammad carrying passport No AA9843101 and visa No P503198. Zaiboon Bai 67, w/o Ali Muhammad carrying passport No KE513230 and visa No P503197. While the people, those were arrested from Monabao including, Muhammad Hussain 69, s/o Essa carrying passport No EW6890621 visa No P739319 was arrested on 03-05-2008. Razia 22, d/o Muhammad Hussain carrying passport No GP6894191 and visa No P739318 was arrested on 03-05-2008. Sughra56, w/o Hussain, EH6868321 P750855 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Muhammad Juma 54, s/o Muhammad Hussain carrying passport No AA8295011 and visa No P750854 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Ibrahim, 41, s/o  Hashim carrying passport No AB1021481 visa No P755225 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Fatima57 w/o Muhammad carrying passport No CF3997161 visa No P750857 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Ammi Bai69, w/o Ali Muhammad carrying passport No BY3994621 and visa No P750856 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Hajiyani 66, w/o Moosa Bahupa carrying passport No AC0892111 and visa No P751473 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Zulekha Bai 53, w/o Ishaq carrying passport No BX3993281 visa No P751474 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Ameer Ali 40, s/o Qasim carrying Passport No DJ1790401 visa No P751917 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Akbar Ali39, s/o Qasim Ali carrying passport No HD1794121 and visa No P755751 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Reshma 28 w/o Akbar Ali carrying Passport No DA1336341 and visa No P755753 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Anusha six-years-old d/o Akbar Ali carrying passport No GF1797551 visa No P755752 was arrested on 19-04-2008. Abdullah Mandra 69, s/o Qasim Mandra carrying Passport No AC0772011 visa No P7646601 was arrested on 17-05-2008. M Hussain 57, s/o Jan Muhammad carrying passport No KC370290 visa No P756531 was arrested in the same tenure, while the other people, who were arrested in the same period were Yasmin 59, w/o M Hussain carrying passport No KC196391 visa No P756529. Jawaid Rai 37 s/o M Ibrahim carrying passport No KC992496 visa No P747163. Haroon67, s/o A. Habib carrying passport No AC6909681 visa No P756387. Shahida Bano56 s/o Haroon carrying passport NoAH3790821 visa No P756386. Zainab Khatoon 58, w/o Ismail carrying passport No AV4173131 and visa No P7664977. They all arrested people were returning from India after their one or two months visit of India.