ISLAMABAD - Snowed under pre-impeachment media hype and rumours about his resignations, President General (Retd) Musharraf Friday reminded the government through his confidant linkages of its responsibility to check negative propaganda against the incumbent presidency. According to well-placed sources, the President conveyed his annoyance against the pressure building tactics of the ruling coalition using the government machinery and funds. "If the government itself is not involved in rumour mongering against the President, it must exercise its writ to curb it," the sources quoted the President as conveying to the government. The sources told TheNation on condition of anonymity that the President has made it clear that he would honor only the pre-requisite number in the joint sitting of the Parliament against him. He has also reiterated that he would not submit to any non-parliamentary pressure or propaganda and would fight the move against him like a politician more than a soldier. The sources also hinted at President's certain peculiar instructions to his confidants, who are not that known publicly, to do some eleventh hour wonders to defeat the impeachment by numbers. Earlier, the sources added that the President has made it clear that the way of the impeachment is only the Parliament and not the media or any other forum. Therefore, the President has required to the government to guard the image of the President against the habitual mudslinging until he is actually impeached through proper channel. According to the sources, the President has termed the coalition's pressure mounting much before even tabling the impeachment motion in the parliament as a bid to win the bluff game. The sources quoting the President said that the coalition has fixed a lengthy schedule of impeachment and are trying to create propaganda hype because they actually lack the number required. The sources further told The Nation that the President would not hesitate to communicate with government for what he so far has conveyed through the people still playing unofficial bridge between the government and the Presidency. The sources were of the view that the President was no more banking on his former political outfits not even on his very well known advisors. "It appears as if he has decided to fight his war alone," the sources said adding, "he might be banking on his covert supports that the media reports on the other hand claim were also not with him."