LAHORE - Lawyers community have said ouster of Pervez Musharraf from power is vital to the continuity of the democratic system and its survival. They said it was sagacity of the PPP leadership and its allies that Pakistan was formally entering into a new era of democracy by purging the system from undemocratic forces. The martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto showed the nation a path by laying down the foundations of a stable political democratic system to which no dictator could ever dare pull down in future, stated President Pakistan Lawyers Forum, Mian Muhammad Jahangir, Members Pakistan Bar Council Muhammad Kazim Khan, Pervez Inayat Malik, Raja Shafqat Abbasi, Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhary, Members Punjab Bar Council Intekhab Shah, Hassan Raza Pasha, Shahid Mahmood Bhatti, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Mahmood Lashari, Ch Muhammad Ishaq, Azar Latif Khan , Naveed Inayat Malik, Raja Javed Iqbal and others jointly here Friday. They said the democratic institutions are heading for a healthy trend in the country wherein the Parliament was itself making efforts to throw Musharraf out of power and the time had come that international institutions whether religious or political, help Pakistan to let a dictator go out of a democratic system. They said the parliament could assert sovereignty only if Pervez Musharraf was out of power. They urged the international community to facilitate Pakistan get a solid and true democratic system instead of the one which an individual has woven in his own interests. The lawyers also said impeachment of Pervez Musharraf aimed at securing future of the country against dictatorship as the people of Pakistan firmly believed that safety of the country largely depended on a wise, competent and capable political leadership which was in place at present. The lawyers said need of hour is to let the political government administer its affairs as per the aspirations of the masses and in the best interests of the country. The lawyers have also expressed hope that the deposed judges would br reinstated according to the desire of Benazir Bhutto, through a constitutional means and the lawyers struggle for independence of judiciary would certainly bear fruit. They also said side by a sovereign parliament and an independent judiciary, an independent and free Press was equally essential to protect the country against internal and external threats. The lawyers said the remnants of dictatorship are dying, as democracy was getting roots and our political leadership taking a full advantage of it, must take bold decisions to remove Pervez Musharraf as president of the country. The lawyers have demanded of the government to hold Musharraf to task instead of providing him a safe exit so that in future no dictator could dare pack up a democratic government.