MOSCOW  - Russia expressed its fury Friday over US plans to place a new missile system in eastern Europe, saying it was clear the weapons were pointed at Moscow and would be a fair military target to strike. Speaking at a news conference in southern Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev stated that, despite Washington's denials, the United States had Russia in mind in basing elements of the system in Poland and the Czech Republic. "The deployment of new missile defence facilities in Europe is aimed against the Russian Federation," Medvedev said at a news conference in the Black Sea coastal city of Sochi following talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. His comments came a day after Poland, after appearing reticent on the plan in recent months, suddenly announced it had reached an accord with the United States on plans to install US interceptor missiles on its territory. The timing of that announcement, coming amid a burgeoning international crisis over the conflict between Russia and Georgia in the Caucasus, sparked a bellicose response from the Russian military. In agreeing to host elements of the US system, "Poland is making itself a target" for the Russian military, Interfax news agency quoted General Anatoly Nogovitsyn as saying Friday. The Russian general said separately at a briefing for journalists that the US push to conclude the deal with Poland was causing serious damage to relations with Russia. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has dismissed Russia's concerns that it is the real target of the system as "ludicrous" and said Friday that she looked forward to signing the deal with Poland.