IGOETI  - A convoy of 10 Russian armoured personnel carriers on Friday moved deeper into Georgia before halting just 40km from Tbilisi, an AFP reporter said. The convoy, with a Russian flag on the lead vehicle, travelled about 25km from the city of Gori in the direction of Tbilisi, before stopping near the village of Igoeti. Half of the vehicles then split from the others and headed northeast towards the village of Lamiskana. A spokeswoman for Georgia's Ministry of Defence told AFP that Russian forces had told Tbilisi the troop and vehicle movements were part of a plan for the Russian army's eventual withdrawal from Gori. "The Russians have explained the recent movements as a necessity to organise their withdrawal. They said they are organising some kind of corridor for their troops," spokeswoman Nana Intskirveli said. "It is unlikely to be true. Why do they need these vehicles this far from Gori?" she added.