KARACHI - PML-N leader, Elahi Bux Soomro, has suggested that next President should be elected from Balochistan province and said that BNP-M chief Ataullah Mengal would be the best candidate for the slot. Talking to The Nation on Friday, the former Speaker of National Assembly said that as senior politician and central PML-N leader, he was suggesting the name of Ataullah Mengal for next president with a view to bring people of Balochistan in mainstream national politics. He added that to propose the name of Ataullah Mengal for the slot of President he would hold meeting with PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif. "Ataullah Mengal is the best choice for the slot of President and to heal the wounds of Baloch people and to bring them into national mainstream politics" Soomro argued. He lashed out at President Pervez Musharraf adding that Baloch nationalist leader Ataullah Mengal never spoke against the country and only wanted provincial autonomy. "All politicians including me had always spoke in favour of provincial autonomy to for all federating units which is need of hour to preserve integrity of the country" he added. Elahi Bakash Soomro said that he had met Baloch nationalist leader Ataullah Mengal umpteen times but the latter never showed interest to become President and only emphasised on provincial autonomy. "I don't think that any option is left for our rulers except to grant autonomy to the provinces", he added. Soomro argued that electing president from Balochistan would not only strengthen the federation but also foiled all conspiracies being hatched against the country. He added that in present circumstances, Ataullah Mengal is the best choice for the slot of President, who would not only bring Baloch people into mainstream politics but also prove useful in dealing with religious fanaticism in the country. He dispelled the impression that he, along with Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Hussain Haroon, had held a meeting with Ataullah Mengal to convey any message from power brokers to convince him for accepting the slot of next President of Pakistan.