A lot of praise was showered on 'the most obedient son' of Shahbaz Sharif by senior columnist Dr Ajmal Niazi in his column recently. The CM's son had abandoned his snow leopard due to displeasure of his father and handed it over to the NWFP government. As is usual with our professional columnists, to make his column 'balanced', Niazi also praised the children of Asif Zardari rather profusely. The senior most columnist of the country, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani, likewise also appreciated the surrender of leopard to northern climes. That followed a chorus of columnist who immediately joined in. Our professional pen pushers, though, deliberately failed to raise the real point in the whole incident of the import and subsequent giving away of the banned snow leopard. That is, why did not the 'good, strong, ever-within-the-rules' administrator Shahbaz Sharif ask his officials to investigate as to how the banned wild creature got imported in the first place despite various agencies for environment protection like customs, environmental department, forest department and various civic agencies? And why, indeed, have the representatives of various international agencies concerned with endangered species remained silent on the issue? -JAVED, Karachi, via e-mail, August 8.