I am one of the small industrialists with a setup in the Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore. I recently requested the Estate management for executing the sale deed of my plot in my favour. The request was approved because all formalities, like the minimum covered area, start of production, etc were as per the standards set by the Estate authority. Now for executing the sale deed, one has to pay the stamp duty and registration fees of the government of Punjab. Previously, the value of sale deed was considered to be equivalent to the sum paid by the buyer at the time of plot purchase and award of the allotment letter. For a 1 acre plot, the sale deed expense was about Rs 325,000. In the current provincial budget, though, the Punjab government has set the land value of Sunder at Rs. 150,000 per marla. With this figure, the sale-deed expense has gone to Rs 1,800,000. That is an increase of 470%. It is an open fact, that all the industries in Pakistan are near closure, or at least having a hard time breathing for life. In these difficult times, with very little electricity, escalating operational expenses, this enhancement in sale deed cost is so devastating that it might as well break the project. -FAROOQ QURESHI, Lahore, via e-mail, August 6.