ISLAMABAD - Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said the Supreme Court (SC) will continue to dispense justice without any fear or favour.

“The court cannot be prevented from delivering justice through attempts to undermine individuals or institutions,” the chief justice said while addressing an Iftar dinner hosted by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Wednesday.

“The Supreme Court will continue to pass judgments according to the constitution without caring for the consequences,” said CJ Chaudhry, adding it must be ensured that other institutions also function within their purview. “The judiciary is a vital state organ and is performing its duty under the constitution,” he maintained, adding the SC was guided by the constitution.

Separately addressing a farewell in honour of Justice Shakirullah Jan, the chief justice said the judiciary could go to any extent for the constitution’s implementation.  He went on: “The Supreme Court maintains rule of law and ensures supremacy of the constitution. The judiciary is bound to shoulder its responsibility as a significant pillar of the state. The decisions of judiciary are not influenced by personalities.” Speaking on the occasion‚ Supreme Bar Association President Yasin Azad expressed concern over the prevailing situation and said the country was heading to a constitutional crisis.

Azad raised his worries about the situation in Balochistan and said the issue should be resolved by the political leadership through the parliament. He said the politicians should resolve political issues in the parliament. Azad reiterated his resolve to stand by the judiciary.