LAHORE – Renowned Qawals Mehr Ali and Sher Ali brothers said on Wednesday that they were very much alive, united and singing Qawali.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Wednesday, they strongly criticised the people spreading rumours that they had given up singing, parted ways with each other and even died.

“Both of us were seriously ill because of which we had to perform individually for some time, but certain people developed a wrong perception that we had developed differences and left singing,” said the Ali brothers, adding that they had been singing for the past 50 years and serving the country as well as Islam.

Mehr Ali said the art of Qawali was not being patronised by the government and the institutions concerned because of which it was declining day by day. “Terrorism has also affected this art because some incidents of terrorism took place at the shrines of saints,” he added. Sher Ali demanded of the government to help them in establishing a Qawali Academy to keep alive the dying art. He said the academy would play a vital role in the promotion of Qawali.