Just when I thought the famous of my home district Gujrat were given more to bluster than substance and that Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar was about to prove it wrong he chickened out. Mukhtar had warned the Chaudhry brothers that he would root them out of politics. He said once he went after his enemies, he never relented until he trounced them. Many thought it would be a fight to finish because the Chaudhrys had bitten Mukhtar in the past. And more recently, they thwarted his desire to become prime minister after Gilani quit unceremoniously. Punters moved in. Some said it was a fixed fight and Mukhtar was acting as the president’s matador to scare the Gujrati bulls as Dr Zulfiqar Mirza had also allegedly staged a similar act against the formidable Altaf bhai.

However, all bets are off since Chaudhry Mukhtar has called Chaudhry Shujaat ‘his elder brother’ and elders deserve all the respect. People now think it was no bull fight at all. Mukhtar is back to normal and the Chaudhry brothers are in business as usual.

Dr A P Sangdil,

Norway, August 15.