MULTAN - Former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has suggested to Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf not to appear before the Supreme Court, claiming the court had no authority to summon a sitting Prime Minister.Talking to the journalists here at his residence on Wednesday, he said that if the court was to decide as to who should be the Prime Minister then there was no need to stage the drama of elections. “We’re asked to reconcile with the courts. We’ve exhibited gesture of reconciliation as I am back home while they want to send even the second Prime Minister back home,” he lamented. He said that reconciliation was a two way process.Gilani said that all those threatening the government of third power must know that the third power had come into action in terms of judiciary. “If judiciary commits unconstitutional acts, it’s the third power,” he added. He said that all institutions were answerable to the Parliament and the Prime Minister and elective representatives were also answerable to the same institution. He asserted that the supremacy of the Parliament could not be challenged. He accused the judiciary of having political motives, adding, that if they were in a hurry to decide NRO cases then they should know that the first NRO was made by PML-N President Nawaz Sharif when he fled to Jeddah. He warned that 180 million masses would not accept one-sided decisions or doctrine of necessity. Recalling his acts as the then Prime Minister, he said that he reinstated judges despite all out opposition and restored the judiciary through an executive order. “If all other executive orders are being sent to the Parliament for ratification, this order should be sent to this platform too,” he added. He claimed that the government was being subjected to a one-sided action.“If NRO case means writing letter against President then you can’t punish anyone twice under the law. He has already served 11 years in prison,” he added. He posed a question as to why the judiciary could not see the cases against other parties. “Why don’t they hear cases like that of Asghar Khan, Mehran Bank scandal and other contempt of court cases?”.He warned that the country would destabilise if the existing system falls prey to any adventure as the country was already encircled by internal and external complications. He said that on one hand investment had already stopped while on the other hand investors were being forced to flee the country. He claimed that today even masses questioned Chief Justice as to why he could see only the cases of PPP. Gilani said that he did not give suggestion of long march to his party rather he gave a line, asking the party not to accept unconstitutional orders.“Why can’t they (judiciary) see that whatever they are doing is going to harm the country,” he posed a question. To a query, he said that the decision to restore judges was right. “It was not just party’s manifesto but also a promise made by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto,” he added. To another question, he said that PPP stood firm on its commitment to make new province. He claimed that the Punjab Government got approved provinces resolution from Assembly due to the fear of PPP but now it was using delaying tactics in nominating the members of the Commission. He said that those who said that they would not participate in election in presence of PPP contested polls in presence of dictator Musharraf. He said that the government was not worried about annoyance or happiness of Army as it was elected by the masses. He claimed that PTI and PML-N were united against PPP. To a question, he said that if Jamshed Dasti expressed his desire to become next Prime Minister, there was nothing wrong with it as every member of the Parliament was eligible for this office.