ISLAMABAD – Despite repeated claims, the government has not succeeded in bringing down the power shortfall on a permanent basis and even in future, considering the ground realities, it seems to be an impossible task for the government to end loadshdding or even reduce shorfall with its efforts.

Power shortfall from many weeks is ranging between 3100MW to 4000MW and it decreases and increases with the increase or decrease in the demand of electricity. Otherwise, the government is unable to generate more electricity to reduce the shortfall.

The maximum recorded electricity generation figure for the government was 14000MW in the presence of more than 20,000MW generation capacity. As per sources, though the government was trying its best to bring down the shortfall due to coming elections and wanted to improve its image in the public but it seems impossible in the absence of any concrete steps to resolve the energy crisis in the country.

It was learnt that 4000 MW shortfall simply means more than 5 hours loadshedding across the country if equal distribution is implemented. But the fact is that masses living in remote areas are suffering more as compared to big cities and especially federal capital.

People in rural areas are still suffering from more than 12 hours loadshedding and in some areas even more than 15 hours. Big cities are witnessing 8-10 hours power outages.

The government a few days back improved the generation a little but as per experts it couldn’t succeed in eliminating loadshedding from the country because the actual problem was non-availability of funds.

It is worth mentioning here that circular debt is the actual issue being faced by the power sector in the country and a country like Pakistan with weak economy can not afford using fuel for power generation for a long time.

It was needed to increase the hydel power generation resources in the country that the government totally neglected during its whole tenure that was about to end now with no development in the sector except useless experiments such as rental power plants that proved a complete failure.