SHEIKHUPURA - In the wake of the investigation launched by the Anti-Corruption Department into a corruption case against a junior clerk of Executive District Office (Education), the other corrupt officials have disappeared from the office and are not attending the office.

The ACD Sheikhupura arrested Iqbal Mohi-ud-Din over bogus appointments in the education department. The arrested clerk in the preliminary interrogation disclosed other big names. After his statement, the other clerks who allegedly made millions of rupees in the same office have started struggling to save themselves by using political influence. Meanwhile, they are hesitant to attend the office for a few days.

An officer on the condition of anonymity said that most of the clerks had four-wheel vehicles and other properties along with heavy bank deposits on their family members and other relatives’ names.

A school teacher while talking to this scribe said the clerks do not work until they are paid bribe and they also fix various rates for different works. He explained if a teacher’s service book is not complete, they charge Rs5,000 and for the preparation of retirement documents, they charge Rs20,000 to 30,000 as per seat. He blamed if anyone fails to pay bribe, they disappear his service record and other relevant documents. A large numbers of teachers requesting anonymity said it is the prime responsibility of the EDO Education to deal with such elements with iron hands.  They said the clerks also make money by blackmailing the teachers. The teachers demanded a stern action against the corrupt clerks.