With the cycle of killings continuing to whirl round across Karachi, 8 more citizens were shot to death. The local authorities including the provincial setup have come to downplay the bloodletting as a ‘routine’ and worse are even ready to blame media for making a mountain of a molehill. The violence has become endemic to the point where it is registering far-reaching repercussions even for foreign investors that has rattled, China, Japan and South Korea. As things stand, most of the foreign investors are loathe to invest and those who do venture run into gun-totting extortionists who roam the markets as though there was no writ of the state. It goes without saying that the law enforcement apparatus mainly the police is rotten to the core. Problems like lack of training and accountability are compounded by the degree to which the force has been politicised.

What is painfully obvious is that the city has been left to its fate by the ANP, MQM and PPP, which are very much vocal when it comes to photo-ops to show joining of hands but woefully missing in action. These parties’ credibility has consequently suffered also; it is now common for the people mostly Karachities to vent their anger against them for the prevailing state of affairs. In order to restore the city to its past glitter, it must be wriggled free from extortion mafia, target killers and those fanning the flames of ethnic violence. Unless, it is done, nothing will change.