BAHAWALPUR - A National Solidarity Walk was held in connection with the Independence Day of Pakistan celebrations here the other day.

The walk was arranged by the Directorate of Alumnus of the Islamia University, Bahawalpur, TDCP, Punjab Rangers, Bahawalpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), High Court Bar Association (HCBA), District Bar Association (DBA), Cholistan Development Corporation and Wasaib Organisation, Bahawalpur.

The walk was largely attended by the people from all walks of life and students.

The IUB Vice-Chancellor Prof Muhamad Mukhtar, Bahawalpur Desert Rangers Sector Commander Brig Saleem Qadir, BCCI President Sahibzada Muzamilur Rasheed Abbasi, Catholic Church Father Samuel, DBA President Tayyab Zamir, CDC Programme Manager Mst Razia Malik and the Wasaib’s Masood Sabir jointly led the walk under the 60 square meter lengthy National Flag.

The students in the regional dresses made the walk a memorable to mark the cause of solidarity under one flag of the Pakistan.

Earlier, the IUB Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Mukhtar in his address urged to promote unity, solidarity, brotherhood and peace for strong, progressive and prosperous Pakistan. He further said that we had all resources and potential youth which could make country a super power.

He said that no one could divide us on any issue and we had to make the country a reckoned force in every field through solidarity, unity and hard work.

He urged the media to promote patriotism and discourage discrimination as the media was the most powerful source to mobilise the public in the right direction for mind set.

He remarked that the country had a number of diversities and the people were connected with each other which looked like rainbow to make the nation and country more powerful and peace loving to face challenges with determination.

He appreciated that the participation in the walk by the representatives of all the sections of the society was a clear prove that we were one and united and could become a reckoned force through education particularly in the field of science and technology.

Earlier, the IUB students of the Dramatic Club presented national songs to enthral the audience.