ISLAMABAD - Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said neither the PML-N was having a dialogue with the ‘untrustworthy’ government on the caretaker setup nor they will do so until the assemblies are dissolved as per the constitution.

His party would however talk on the issue with opposition parties after Eid and he would propose two names for the prime minister slot, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar told the media at the Punjab House on Wednesday.

Nisar expressed serious concern over reports of planned military operation in North Waziristan, saying that his party would not support such an action as it could result in a new wave of terrorism across the country. He said people would not support this operation and endorsed General Ashfaque Pervez Kiyani’s statement that no army operation can be successful without people’s support.

The opposition leader said some elements have turned the country into a war-zone by bowing down before the alien forces. He said asked the civil and military leadership not to see the resolutions of All-Party Conference and parliament’s joint resolutions as an excuse for dragging the country into war.

Nisar said he would hold a press conference after Eid and expose attempts by President Asif Ali Zardari to ‘purchase’ media channels and senior journalists to use them during elections. When his attention was drawn towards reports that timeline for reopening of money laundering case against President Zardari in Switzerland would end in August, Nisar said he did not think so.

To a question, the PML-N central leader said that the president has no constitutional powers to extend the tenure of present assembly by one year. However, Nisar said he did not believe that the ruling coalition would announce general elections before completing its five-year term.

Nisar said the procedure regarding the caretaker setup was laid down clearly in the 20th constitutional amendment. He said that after that amendment, the government’s role in the caretaker setup has become secondary as now the Election Commission has the mandate to take the final decision. He said the statements and claims made by the government in this regard were just a face-saving exercise.

Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that there would be four names to be proposed each by the Leader of the House and Leader of Opposition once the parliament is dissolved, and if there was no consensus the matter would automatically be referred to the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

“After Eidul Fitr, I will take onboard all the opposition parties in and outside the parliament regarding the two names I have to suggest for the caretaker prime minister to the parliamentary committee,” Nisar said.

The names proposed by the PML-N would be appreciated by all the people of the country just like it happened during the election of Chief Election Commissioner, he added.

On formation of parliamentary body that would finalise the name of the caretaker PM, he said he would set up the committee as Leader of Opposition rather than the national assembly speaker. “But the entire exercise about the caretaker set up will start simultaneously with the announcement of dissolution of the national assembly.

He said under the constitution, talks are possible between the government and opposition about the caretaker setup only after the dissolution of the assemblies. Moreover, he said it was of no use to hold dialogue with a government that does not honour its commitments.

He said they would not negotiate with the government and hurt the feelings of the masses in a situation when the government was in confrontation with the Supreme Court, inflation is on the rise, lawlessness has surpassed all boundaries, corruption was at its peak and loadshedding has made the life the people miserable.

The opposition leader lamented that the ruling coalition passed more than four years in power without earning honour for itself. Be it the proceedings of Abbottabad Commission or restoration of Nato supply routes or Accountability Bill, or nomination of opposition leader in Sindh or Balochistan, there is a long list of issues on which the government did not fulfil its promises, he added.