A DOCTOR has invented the ultimate office chair - which is not only good for your posture but is also thought to make you happier.

The bizarre-looking creation, by Dr Patrik Kunzler and designer Ben Fluri, is a far cry from the standard design currently used by workers the world over.

It doesn’t have a back or arm rests and the seat is made from two carbon shells, used in Formula One car production, which move with the user. The design, developed at top American university MIT, focuses on movements of the body and helps with posture as well as relaxation.

And the user is supposed to feel a sense of weightlessness - which can have a positive effect on performance, creativity and also mood. The chair, called the LimbIC, costs an eye-watering £5,400 ($8450) but Dr Kunzler’s Swiss company Inno-Motion has been inundated with orders.

Although office workers make up 60 per cent of their clientele, it’s also proving popular with artists, dentists and doctors.

Dr Kunzler came up with the idea after research showed sitting for long periods of time was having a negative effect on both physical and mental health. In Switzerland alone, these problems are having a huge financial impact, costing billions. And it is hoped the new chair will go some way to easing the problem.

Named after the human limbic system, the part of the brain that stimulates emotion, it is believed to be the first that combines chair design with neuroscience. Dr Kunzler said: ‘The effortless, upright position relieves the intervertebral disks in the spine by avoiding pressure points. And the constant, if minute, movements improve disc nutrition and build up the strength and coordination of the spinal muscles.                  –DM