Pakistan has said that its nuclear assets are safe and nobody needs to worry about the safety of its nuclear installations. In a media briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office Spokesman Muazzam Khan said that Pakistan has a robust command and control System. He said that Pakistan would maintain minimum nuclear deterrence to make its defence invincible. Replying a query regarding Syria unrest, he said that Pakistan wanted a peaceful resolution to the conflict. He said that Pakistan supports the Ex-UN representative Kofi Annan 6 point formula for peace in Syria. On the development of canceling the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) membership of Syria spokesman said that the decision was taken by OIC on the majority vote. Pakistan maintains its previous policy that chance should be given to peace in Syria without any bloodshed and foreign intrusion. He said that talks with US were underway with US and both countries by focusing mutual ground interests extending cooperation on economic, political and security fronts. He said that Pakistan is in contact with Afghan government and US led ISAF forces to block militant incursions and cross border attacks. On the question of operation in North Wazirastan spokesman said that Pakistan would not allow any foreign presence on its soil and is fully capable of launching an operation on its own. He said that its Pakistan prerogative to launch an operation against militants on its soil. Responding to the Makkah Conference he said that President Zardari and Afghan President Kerzai discussed all issues pewrtaining peace in the region. He said that Pakistan would welcome all efforts from the world community for the lasting peace in Afghanistan. He said that peace inn Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan and Pakistan will continue its efforts in this regard.