KAMOKE/VEHARI - As the holy month of Ramazan slowly creeps towards its end, flocks of eager customers are heading towards markets of the city for Eid shopping.

According to detail, despite skyrocketing prices, children and women are eager to select unique designs of clothes to wear on the day of Eidul Fitr.

A large number of people start moving towards shopping malls in the city soon after Iftar and evening prayers while the buying spree continues till the last day of the holy month.

As the number of children to get their desired dresses, prices of these items increased by 15 to 25 percent as compared to their actual price.

Due to skyrocketing prices, window-shopping by middle class is also in full swing.

They complained about rising prices during Ramazan. They said that shopkeepers sold items at exorbitant rates, because they knew people had to buy these items for Eid in any case. Inflation severely crippled them. They said that they could not afford to purchase these items due to sky rocketing prices of the things.  During a survey conducted by the this scribe, Anas, Farooq, Faisal Boota and Amjad said that poor peoples could not purchase due to sky rocketing prices of the think in the bazaar. Even daily-use items prices are also out of control of the city government.

During the survey shopkeepers told that people are frequenting readymade garments. Shopkeepers were seems happy with sale and the profit they earning from customers.

Similarly in Vehari, the prices of commodities have soared on the eve of Eid.

Locals alleged that it has been a regular phenomenon that whenever any festive takes place, prices of essential commodities and other items go up as a result inflicting extra burden on pockets of the people.

They said that on the eve of the any festival in non-Muslim countries like US, UK, German, etc, their governments provided relief and daily-use items on controlled prices. But unfortunately in Pakistan, the people were suffering with multiples problems like black marketing, dearness, substandard and expired things, in the holy month of Ramazan.

One day prior, MNA Tehmina Doultan said that any one could compared the prices of Ramazan bazaar with the market. She said that the performance of Sasta Ramazan Bazaar excellent and daily-use item available at less prices as compare to open market across the district.

The DCO and Trader Alliance President Irshad Husain Bhatti also showed their satisfaction on Ramazan bazaars.

Administration and politicians are satisfied but the masses are crying about the prices.

“Prices of vegetables and fruits have gone up all of a sudden at the time of Eid,” consumers complain.

While vegetable dealers blame dry weather for upsurge in prices of vegetables. “Due to sweltering weather and inadequate rain, our local production of vegetables has decreased and we are mostly now depended on imports,” vegetable dealer said.

The social circle demanded to the Punjab Chief Minister to take the notice of the situation and order to a crackdown on the profiteers at least in holy month of Ramazan and Eid.