MIRPUR (AJK) - The local youth including students on Wednesday staged a protest demonstration against the genocide of the Muslims in Burma and called upon the world powers including the United Nations and Muslim organizations to get the massacre stopped immediately.

Call for the street agitation to express indignation against the mass killing of Muslims in Burma was given by the Muslim Students Federation-N.

Hundreds of youth from various urban and country-side areas of Mirpur and other parts of AJK thronged the central Shaheed Chowk raising slogans against the Burmese  religious fundamentalists responsible for the massacre.

The youngsters were carrying placards and banners bearing slogans in  support of their demands besides raising the conscious of the global powers for their due interference to get the reign of genocide of Muslims in Burma stopped  instantly.

Addressing the protest rally, speakers including MSF leaders Wasim Amin, Safayan, Basit Raja Amjad, Raja Naseer, Afzal Janjua and Waqas said that the genocide of innocent Muslims has spread a  wave of tension and unrest in  this part of the world.

“The reign of terror, violence and mass killing of Muslims be abandoned instantly,” the furious youth leaders urged. “We strongly condemn the ongoing era of violence and barbarism against the Muslims in Burma.”

They also urged the world community, human rights bodies and particularly the Muslim Ummah to get the killing of Muslims stopped in Burma.

Wasim Amin said on this occasion that the mass killing of innocent Muslims is intolerable. He maintained that time has come for the entire Islamic world to get united to give befitting reply to the anti-Muslim forces. He said that the recent burning of  thousands of Muslims in over 500 villages in Burma at the hands of the religious extremists was a matter of grave concern for the entire humanity. He called upon the United Nations Organisation to get the genocide of Burmese Muslims stopped. Otherwise the UN like international forums, world community  and the international organizations claiming to be the custodian of the human rights would lost their credibility.