ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday reviewed the progress on the removal of anomalies from the new voters lists and directed the Provincial Election Commissions to conduct surveys to determine the exact number of complaints on regular basis.In a high-level meeting chaired by the new Chief Election Commissioner Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim, the Commission directed all the four Provincial Election Commission's (PECs) to launch weekly and monthly surveys for the elimination of bogus, unverified and multiple entries from the Final Electoral Rolls (FERs) that contain over 84 million voters. The ECP officials said, the number of erroneous voters in the FERs including the deceased ones is believed to be ranging between 3,000 to 5,000 voters. In the light of Wednesday's decision, the Provincial Election Commissioners of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab would directly update the Chief Election Commissioner on the progress made to eliminate unverified and dead voters from the voters lists as well as registering the new voters. The newly registered voters mostly include the newly turned 18 year old who acquire Computerised National Identity Cards. On account of centralised data sharing between the ECP and the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA), any Pakistani national who comes of age and gets a CNIC is automatically registered as a voter, either on his/her present or permanent residential address (as per his/her convenience.)